MMDLXVIII Ab Urbe Condita (2.568 years after the creation of the Eternal City, Rome). For over two thousand years, the Roman Empire has ruled over a quarter of the world's population, stretching from the polar circle to the deserts of Africa, from the Panjshir Valley to the Atlantic Ocean (and even beyond). Despite the many threats, civil wars, divisions, numerous attempts at invasions and upheavals, the Empire has endured, Rome has survived all the torments and maintained its greatness. Rome is Caput Mundi, the centre of the world, the capital of an empire that seems eternal.

Its legions enforce the Pax Romana (Roman peace) on all the provinces under the Empire’s control, and on the seas far beyond its borders, while its merchants travel on the roads to bring back many exotic goods from the far reaches of the world. Few powers in the world can oppose the will of the Empire, or do not wish to be friends of Rome, but the empires of the New World, beyond the Western ocean. Wealthy and coveted, they repelled Roman attempts to invade -though Romans would say “civilise”- and were able to protect themselves from external influences.

The Roman Empire is mainly at peace, except for some usual skirmishes on its southern and eastern borders, but nothing that can really worry a Roman worthy of the name. Yet order and concord are threatened from within. The sumptuous and irrational expenditure of the Empress Octavia II endangers the finances of the Empire, while Roman citizens complain about the looming famine and disease outbreaks that are wreaking havoc in some external provinces.

As rumours of unrest grow, Empress Octavia II invites the most influential members of the Senate & Roman administration to share her grand vision for the Empire, and get its funding approved ahead of the formal senate vote. Plans of conquest to revive the fighting spirit of Rome and irrigate the Empire with new riches from the barbarian kingdoms of the New World. Will the Empire follow Her in this direction? Will the gods cast a benevolent eye upon this adventure, or will they seal the fate of the Empress by arming the hands of those who feel her demise is the only way to save the Empire?

The wheel of fate turns for all the protagonists. The future of the Empire, the future of Rome, but also of all those who will answer the call of Octavia II is at stake in these decisive days when the eyes of the gods are on them. Will they abide by the will of the gods?