Larp Values

As the organizers of this Larp, our intention is not only to provide you with the best and most interesting experience possible, but also to promote certain values in our project.

Gender equality

Some fates will be presented as neutral (N), some will be gendered (M/F). This refers to the gender of the character they relate to. For neutral fates, players will be requested to pick an in-game gender. There is no requirement, even for gendered characters, that the player identifies with this particular gender, but participants will be expected to portray them with identifiable gender traits (i.e. mainly costume). "Female" roles are in no way inferior to "male" roles and are as far from biased stereotypes as possible. At first sight, the characters are strictly gendered, but the open-mindedness of a "Roman" setting allows for a very wide variety of interpretation and very little restrictions on the gender spectrum. All logistical arrangements will also be made to ensure a Larp environment that is as suitable for oestrogen-dominated bodies as for testosterone-dominated bodies.


From a logistical point of view, we will strive to ensure the lowest possible ecological footprint for this Larp, whether through the priority purchase of reusable and/or recyclable materials, the minimal use of plastics, the limitation of waste generated, etc. All the food served in the Larp will be -within the limits of the possible and the diegetic framework of the Larp- made up of seasonal products from local production. A carbon offset will also be included in the price of participation in the event. Participants will also be provided with all possible information on the most environment-friendly means of transport and the most environment-friendly options from their home country to the Larp site. A carpooling platform will be set up on the event's website, and free group transport is provided by the organization between the nearest train station and the event site.

Emotional and physical safety

We reserve the right to refuse the registration of any person who has a history of physical or emotional violence within the community. We will apply a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment or for any gender-based or racist behaviour. We will also apply a zero-tolerance policy for any non-compliance with the Larp safety rules. Finally, we will ensure that emotional support and medical assistance are available to participants throughout the event. For more information, check the dedicated page.

Cultural inclusivity

We will apply a zero-tolerance policy to any form of racism or discrimination based on the participants' skin colour, body-type, origin, sexual, political or religious orientation. We reserve the right to apply national representation quotas when selecting participants. We refuse to accept any form of casting related to the physical appearance of the participants, and the assignment of roles will be strictly decoupled from it.

Social inclusivity and accessibility

We apply a social ticket policy, namely that it is open to any participant to pay a surplus on their ticket to allow the registration of participants with less financial means. No advantage or disadvantage will be granted to the participants depending on the price of their tickets, nor any priority in the casting or in the choice of the character. We do our best to cater for any dietary requirement and we will strive to ensure maximum accessibility of the site for anyone with reduced mobility.