Characters & Groups

Choose your own fate

The characters will not be selected based on their group, name, status, or function, but rather based on their fate. It is the fate of a character which defines him/her/them and his/her/their role in the general dramaturgy. Still, each character belongs to a core group, has a social status, and supports a political faction. Upon registration, you will be required to list the 4 fates you would be most interested to play out (i.e. “you are destined to kill your father and marry your mother” to name but a famous one) and we will cast the characters according to those wishes.

With regards to the casting, in addition to the selected fates, the organisers reserve the right to cast based on a roman god-like methodology, that is on the most obscure and personal criteria, with a view to also maintaining overall gender, nationality and larp experience balance between participants.

Opponents and proponents

Opponents and proponents are a form of proactive pre-established relations between characters, designed to further or hinder one’s fateplay. An opponent or proponent can be one way or two ways, and they may influence your fate a great deal. There is no positive or negative connotation to the words proponent or opponent. Given that most character’s fates are all but pleasant, an opponent will more likely be a beneficial influence in the character’s storyline and the proponent will lead them to their doom -but not necessarily.

Each character will be assigned between 2 and 4 opponents and proponents (at least one of each).

Consistency of the characters

In addition to the fatum which constitutes the heart of this Larp, each character will also have a position in a core group, a social status, and membership of a political faction. These different groups will be further explained in the game documents.

The Core groups are:

The Social statuses are:

The Political factions are: